Branding vs Marketing

It’s a common question in the business world- just what is the difference between branding and marketing?  Both are important, but they have quite different purposes.

Branding is communicating a promise to your potential customers, whereas marketing is how you reach them.

Think of it like this, a brand is showing who your business is, marketing is knowing who your customers are.

Let’s break it down a little.

What exactly is branding?  It is so much more than just your logo, or the colours you have chosen to represent your business.   Your brand is your business’ promise- of consistency, quality, and customer service.  Your brand is your business’ PERSONALITY.

Your brand is how you define your business and the message it sends.  It is what makes your business unique, and what attracts and nurtures your clients.

So, what is marketing then?  It is essentially how we deliver that promise you’ve made to your customers via your brand.  Marketing is made up of the activities that you carry out to convey your brands message and convince people to buy.   It is building awareness of your product or service and promoting your business to attract customers.

At the end of the day branding is forever, but marketing strategies will change with time, products and the changing needs of your customer.