If you’re going to benefit from an Upland business growth program, you need to be ready for some changes.  We’ll walk the journey with you, but that won’t help if you’re not up for the journey.

This is our quick assessment.  We call it the Four Aces test.  How many of these cards are you holding?

  1. A is for Ambition.  If you like where you are, congratulations!  If you really want to build yourself a business, to create something different, that’s an Ace in your hand!
  2. A is for Action.  If you only do what you always did, you’ll only get what you always got.  We all know that, don’t we?  But if you are truly going to act on what we agree together, there’s another Ace in your hand.
  3. A is for Advice.  You don’t know all you will need to know to build the business of your dreams, and nor does anyone else.  You’ll need to take advice, feedback, guidance – without relinquishing your ultimate responsibility for your business outcomes.  Are you up for that?  Then there’s a third Ace in your hand!
  4. A is for Authority.  If we’re going to work together, you’ve got to be the owner, or part of the ownership group, and have the authority to engage with us and our process.  Yes?  Then that’s the fourth Ace.

So: do we start, and if so when, or do we say “not just now”? Your choice.