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The Power of Mentoring

Successful business leaders frequently acknowledge the role of mentoring in their success. Sir Richard Branson put it like this: “Ask any successful businessperson and, if they are honest about it, they will almost certainly admit to having benefited from the advice of a mentor…”

Even if your business ambitions are modest, the stark fact is you don’t, won’t and can’t know everything it takes to reach the business success you desire. Everyone (as in everyone) needs help to make it.

To see your business, and your journey, through another’s eyes is beyond price. Without fail, a good mentor will see and tell you things that you, from your closer perspective, would never have known. A good mentor will also challenge you to expand and update your thinking, and get clear about your purpose and strategy. Use a mentoring relationship well, and you will get both business and personal growth. They go together.

And if you get a chance to mentor someone, use that wisely also. It’s a chance to learn and to clarify your ideas, as well as being a tremendous honour.

The power of mentoring is the power of synergy. It takes commitment and openness on both sides. It takes quality time. But it pays off in spades.

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