Is Your Board Adding Value at Every Meeting?

Is your board as effective as it should be? Is it really clear about its role? Or does it flounder, get lost down in the weeds, waste time second-guessing management, bog down in unproductive conflict?

I can help with that.

I'm Iain Massey - The Board Bloke ™. I help boards of directors work better. I help companies (nonprofits, too) that need more from their board. And I help small businesses get the benefits of good board work without the costs.

A board can have more leverage on a company's future, for good or ill, than anyone else. A company can soar, coast or sink on the quality of its board's work. And yet the average Australian board meets for less than 60 hours a year.

This is too important to leave to make-it-up-as-you-go approaches. Here you'll find ideas, insights and facts that can immediately improve a board's work. Enjoy.

What’s My “Why”?

Business is more fun and more profitable if we bring our whole selves to it, and help others do the same: "Head, Heart and Bottom Line."™ You can read more on that below.

I love to help businesses and their leaders grow, succeed and excel themselves. That's my "Why".

About Me

I'm a seasoned director, advisor and consultant to businesses, with postgraduate qualifications.

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Over to You

If what's on this site resonates with you, I'd love to hear from you.

Can I help you? Will we work well together? Let's have that conversation and find out. Full contact info below.


Iain Massey 0419 901 013 (International +61 419 901 013) Based in the south-west of Western Australia, and travelling often!

And the photos? I just like them. Black and white seems refreshing and invites a closer look. Sometimes there's a pun or a reference in the photo, sometimes not. Enjoy.