What Do You Mean, Business Growth?


We work a lot with owners of small to medium businesses.  Many of the challenges they tell us about would be more manageable if their businesses were a bit bigger.  So we talk about “business growth” for convenience.

We don’t mean that everyone should try to build an empire.  We certainly (as in certainly) don’t mean anyone should target growth in income, customers or staff without parallel growth in profit.  That’s just a dead-end street.

What we mean is this.  Our businesses should support the lifestyle and the purposes that matter most to us.  Maybe for you that means the same income, but less costs, so you get to keep more of the money.  Maybe it means the same take-home for you, but the ability to employ another member of the family.  Maybe it actually means fewer customers, but more high-value and long-term relationships with them.  Maybe it means outsourcing the stuff you hate, and spending more of your working life doing what you love.  That sounds like a win, even if the money’s the same.

The point is, your business should serve your purposes.  Most people I know want to do work that is meaningful, enjoyable and rewarding.  A business can give us that – if we grow it right.  So what would business growth mean for you?