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This is a collection of resources, including my blog Upland Insights, that I hope you will find useful. It covers growing your business, forming a board or advisory board, doing your job as a director, or developing your family business.  The collection will grow over time, as I add books and links to other resources I’ve found helpful, and I keep writing.  I hope that you, an interested reader, will contribute your views, whether agreeing or disagreeing.  I look forward to discussions that are constructive, thought-provoking, and take us all forward.  Join me on the journey!

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Alas, we live in a discourteous  age.  Too much public discourse is provocative or even insulting in tone, rather than constructive.  Therefore I ask that if we disagree, we listen constructively to each other, and seek the sources of both our agreement and disagreement.  Then we both stand a chance of coming to a clearer understanding than we started with.

Will you engage with me on those terms?

Thanks.  Enjoy.

The Resources


  • My work with business starts with purpose, the “why”.  Carolyn Tate‘s views I find both supportive and thought-provoking.
  • I also draw inspiration from The Slow School of Business (as in, slow food vs. fast food).  I hope you will too.
  • The Conscious Capitalism movement is the reboot private enterprise needs to make it human again.  Business should serve us, not vice versa!
  • If you are a director, or an aspiring director, I earnestly recommend that you get to know the Australian Institute of Company Directors.
  • If you want to learn more about the challenges of board work, and how others meet them, get on the list for Julie Garland McLellan’s Director’s Dilemma blog series.
  • Much hard-won knowledge on governance and risk management is available from The Governance Institute of Australia.
  • If you are a stakeholder in a family business, for goodness’ sake check out Family Business Australia.  I am an advisor member, meaning, I’m a recognised advisor to family businesses.


You can order these from your preferred bookseller, unless otherwise noted.

  • Conscious Capitalism is also a book, by John Mackey and Raj Sisodia.  A good read, and easy to apply.
  • The best book I know on the legal aspects of directorship is Duties and Responsibilities of Directors and Officers, by Prof. Robert Baxt AO.  It is published by the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and is now in its 21st edition.  That’s a testament both to its value, and to the rate of change.

Other Media

In October 2016, the Geographe Business Referral Group did me the honour to elect me convenor. Here’s an interview I did with Barry Green of Radio WA on how the group operates:

Ever wondered what business coaching is like from the inside? Here Annette Stanton and I discuss process and outcomes:

Friends of Upland Consulting

Upland Insights: The Blog

Here you’ll find actionable tips and clear principles to help you with business growth, family business dynamics, and good board work.

As well as the business growth specialist, I’m known as the Board Bloke™ (bloke as in Australian vernacular for “man”): the bloke who does boards.

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