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Do you want to:

– Start seeing sustainable growth and results in your business?

– Feel less isolated in running your business?

– Start enjoying the lifestyle you always dreamed of as a business owner?

As a small-to-medium (SME) business owner, especially in the regions, how do you:

  • Get access to the thinking, tools and resources for business growth that larger companies have?
  • Find the right, affordable advice and knowledge to succeed in business?

If you’re still too small for a board of directors (or even an advisory board), how do you take advantage of that independent, 40-paces view of your business?  How do you grow your business to support the lifestyle you dreamed of when you started?Answer: You surround yourself with the right support network.

And Peer Magic® is the Upland Consulting answer.

Imagine regularly surrounding yourself with your very own business advisory board.  A group of other like-minded small and medium business owners who have just the right variety of experience, creativity and problem-solving skills to help each others’ businesses flourish.

All of this in a structured and facilitated circle. Professionally chaired, outcome-focussed, with accountability brought back to you and your peers to achieve business success, just like the board meetings of a large company.

That’s Peer Magic®.  It’s based on research and models from around the world, and it gets proven results.  By design, it’s accessible and relevant to small businesses, even microbusinesses and startups.

For You, a Business Owner

Small business is the lifeblood of our economy.  A business should grow wealth and lifestyle for you and your family.  But too many small business owners tell me in confidence that they are frustrated, disappointed, frazzled, worried, time-poor, confused.

One sleepless 3am, I realised that there has to be a way for small businesses, even the smallest, to tap into the tools and thinking that large businesses use for growth.  What if the benefits of a good board of directors were available to SME owners?  Why shouldn’t they be?  As I researched this, Peer Magic® took shape.

What if You Could…

  • Build a lifestyle you love around a business you love?
  • Pause the treadmill & have time to think?
  • Feel less isolated in your business?
  • Sustainably grow your business with confidence?
  • See and evaluate results?

… in a way that’s relevant, accessible and cost-effective for your business?  Well, that’s what Peer Magic® is designed for.


  • Help to grow your business – with the magic of a like-minded peer circle
  • A safe space: confidential & supportive, with honest feedback
  • One-on-one mentoring included
  • Structured problem-solving by the group
  • Professionally chaired, outcome-focussed, accountability back to the group
  • Evidence-based: built on international research into small business growth.

Learn More

Sound promising?  Get in touch for more info:  We’ll offer you a free, no-obligation catch-up about your business needs.  You’ll find out if Peer Magic® is the program for you.


Here’s an Upland Insights blog on Peer Magic: The Story So Far.

Here’s an interview I did with Barry Green of Western Tourist Radio, about Peer Magic®.

And here’s a short video on how the idea of Peer Magic® got started:

Clients Say…

“I have worked with Iain for the last 6 months through his Peer Magic programme. His business knowledge is first class and I look forward to working with him into the future. Highly recommended.”
Suzie Davidson, Business Owner
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