Paying it Forward

Paying it Forward

We in WA, particularly the South West, have been incredibly fortunate so far in the pandemic, haven’t we?

At Upland Consulting, we like to remember to celebrate and share our good fortune.  One of our favourite ways of sharing the love is to lend via Kiva (

We like Kiva because it helps people establish and grow their own micro-businesses, by giving access to small loans that would otherwise be unavailable, or available only through predatory loan sharks.  Kiva is a bit like Grameen Bank, but global, and welcomes micro-lenders as well as micro-borrowers.  Through Kiva, we help people to help themselves to overcome poverty.

This way individuals, families and communities develop their own self-reliance, in contrast to jobs or handouts.  We are supporting production rather than consumption.  The money we lend is repaid (very reliably), and can be lent over and over again, doing good every time.

So this year we’d like to invite you to the party.  We’ve set up a team on Kiva called Australia’s Bottom Left Corner.  If you, who do business, take your leisure, and/or live in our beautiful region, would like to join the fun, just click here

Join our team, seed your loan cycle with a few dollars, and let’s see how many opportunities we can offer people who haven’t had our luck!