Our Post-Pandemic Workforce

The Upland commitment to “Head, Heart and Bottom Line”® extends not just to how we work with our clients, but also how we work together as a team.

We want to welcome people with values, skills, talents and energies that fit with our own; to have them contribute to our work, and be recognised and rewarded for doing so.

Typical barriers, like disability, young children, remote location, or care responsibilities, should be no obstacle. It is our job to devise the flexible and portable systems that enable good people to do good work, while living full human lives.

Here’s a tip: employers that do not flex in this way are going to struggle, for a long time, to find good people. The pandemic has shown so many people that they have more choice about their working lives than they’ve
been told.

How did we build our 21st Century work team?

The time has come for one of my favourite management insights: the Pygmalion Principle. The name is a story in itself, but the idea is: if you treat people as capable adults, they will act as capable adults. Simple. And there’s good science behind it.

Then we mixed in a well-tried selection of online collaboration tools. The barriers of time and space melted away.

And all this can only work if we are truly a team; in Simon Synek’s definition, a group of people who trust each other.  That’s the basic premise of our workplace culture.