Is your family business succession ready?

Is the question of business succession too complex and emotion to make any real plans?

There is way forward. We can work with you to get the process started with clarity, calm and confidence.

Are you involved in a family business and wondering "What happens next"?

Business transition is hard, it is emotional and too often, we see it fail. Too many family businesses close, or are liquidated, because everyone assumed they would just somehow continue.

Someone must initiate the conversation. And, often times, you’ll need an outside voice to guide you through the process. The intersection of the business system with the family system is too complex, too fraught, and too loaded with emotion for the family to navigate it unaided.

There is a way to navigate your family business transition (and not worry about it at 3am)

We’ve created a guide to Avoiding the 3 BIG PITFALLS When Transitioning Your Family Business.

Do You Hold the 4 Aces?

Business succession is tricky, and for you to benefit from out work together, you’ll need to be ready for some changes. We’re not the right fit for every family business, and not every business is the right fit for us. We call our quick assessment the Four Aces test. Are you holding all the cards?

Ambition. Are you motivated to build a business, and create something different? Or are you happy where you are?

Action. If you only do what you always did, you’ll only get what you always got. We all know that don’t we? Are you ready to truly act on what we agree together?

Advice. You’ll need to take advice, feedback, guidance – without relinquishing your ultimate responsibility for your business outcomes. Are you up for that?

Authority. If we’re going to work together, you’ve got to be the owner, or part of the ownership group, and have the authority to engage with us and our process.