Is your business ready for a board?

Do you need help with decision making? Are you needing outside investment? Are things getting too big to manage single handedly?

Your business may benefit from board. But there are different ways of solving these problems, and whichever path you choose, it’s important that it is done properly. That’s where we can help.

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Do I need a Governance Board or an Advisory Board?

A Governance Board (or Board of Directors) is a decision-making model.

The Board is legally responsible for the governance, control and management of the organization, and act on behalf of the shareholders or members of the company.


An Advisory Board provides a non-binding service and are generally a problem-solving model to provide critical thinking, analysis and strategy insights.

The members of an Advisory Board are not authorized to act for the organization, the business makes all final decisions. The role of the Board is to guide and advise.

We can be this for your business.

International research shows that if a business owner has an advisory group supporting them, their business will grow 3x faster, and will have 2x the rate of productivity growth.