Upland Team

You've found us because you feel stuck in your business.

Perhaps you’re stuck in the hamster wheel of more work for the same revenue. Perhaps you’ve built a successful business but it’s time to start thinking about enjoying the fruits of your labour.

We’re here to help ambitious SME owners growing through any of the dynamic stages of the business journey.


Believe me when I say, I have walked the path you walk. I’ve built a business from the ground up, and I understand the struggles of small business, especially in the regions. I understand that, as business owners, we can’t do it alone. I now have a TEAM OF EXPERTS that have my back.

I don’t have all the answers (nobody does) BUT I know the people that do.

The Upland team are really good at what they do, but we also have access to professionals who with work with us to achieve your goals.

We don't...

Work with unkind people. We treat everyone with kindness and respect, and we expect the same.

Make changes in your business for you. We can guide you, but it’s up to you to implement the changes and see them through.

Think size matters. It is our goal to provide all regional business owners with the same tools and knowledge available to the big corporates

We do...

Call on our team of experts. We’re not afraid to call on the team of experts we have in our community to ensure your business has access to the knowledge and advice it needs.

Believe in the power of community. No-one makes it on their own. You need a community of people around you if you’re going to make it in business.

Believe it’s not about the money. Nobody gets into business solely to make money- it’s a means to an end, a HOW and not a why. Your WHY is the rocket fuel that will propel your business beyond just a job.

About Iain...

Many (many) years ago when I first had my own business I did everything myself. Partly because as an employee I had not been allowed to step outside my role, partly because I was really hungry to find out what all the business tasks involved, from sales calls to tax returns.

However, this model didn’t allow for business growth. At least, not the kind of growth that I knew my business to be capable of.

When I first employed someone to help me in my business, I found out just how powerful that is. It freed up both my time and my thinking. It allowed me to work ON my business.

In the past year, Upland has grown to a team of five. A fantastic team that I can bounce things off, collaborate with and, most importantly, trust to look after our clients and deadlines. This team is made up of business owners themselves, members of local Chamber of Commerce, accounting majors, marketing specialists and administration wizards.

We’re here to teach you, coach you, to help your business reach new heights. It’s what we’re passionate about.



Meet our team

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As regional business owners ourselves, we understand the difficulties of finding the right talent.

We aim to make it possible for people with values, skills, talents and energies that fit with ours to contribute to our work, and be recognised and rewarded for doing so.

Conventional barriers to employment, such as disability, young children, remote location, or care responsibilities, should be no obstacle at Upland. It is our job to devise the flexible and portable systems that enable good people to do good work regardless of these factors