Mentoring, Coaching, Advising, Consulting…

You know what?  Definitions can get in the way.

“You’re a mentor or a coach.”  “One is free, the other is paid.”  “True coaching is defined as…”  “Consultants are not coaches.”  “What you need is a coach, not a mentor or advisor.”  Sure, let’s build brick walls everywhere and all get stuck together.

This noise is not helping the business leaders we set out to help.

At Upland Consulting, our toolbox is available to you.  We’ll blend our approach to meet your needs.  A coaching approach to help you bring out the excellence you have in you.  Mentoring as in walking the road with you, bringing to bear our own experience in building a successful regional business.  Offering you techniques and tools from our consulting kit, whenever they may help you forward.

Expect us to spend time with you listening deeply to your dreams, goals and challenges.  Expect us to ask you the hard questions.  Expect us to be there for you.  Expect us to challenge and advise when we see you heading off-track or getting stuck.  Expect us to suggest ways of doing it better.

Just one thing, though: don’t expect us to make the changes for you.  That’s your job.

At Upland Consulting, we help business leaders define and achieve their own success.  We don’t let definitions get in the way of that.