Management Consulting

Upland - Management Consulting - Black and white bridge over streamCould Management Consulting Ease the Pain?

Planning for growth?  Stuck in a performance rut?  Sudden gap in the executive team?  Thinking about an acquisition or merger?  A new line of business or subsidiary to be set on course?  Need a steady hand needed on the tiller through a merger, buy-out or succession?  Business unit in need of renovation?  Major strategic change in need of project planning and leadership?  Seeking new outside investment in your company?

This is management consulting.  It’s diverse because running a business is diverse.  It’s what I do.  I have the knowledge, diplomacy, people skills and focus to work with your business and get you results.

I can help you.

The point of management consulting is to help you (management) achieve more, improve performance, adapt to change.

Is your business growing fast and feeling a lack of management capacity?  Do you need to clarify strategy and turn it into action?  Do you need management expertise you don’t have in-house?  Are you flat-out in the business and looking for some help to work on the business?  Are you trying to craft your exit strategy while still running the business?

I can help you guide your business through these critical turning-points.

I’m happy to take a project or ongoing part-time role, and work with you on what most needs attention: in feasibility analysis, project planning and execution, decision support, teamwork, strategy, risk management and implementation.

I don’t want to charge you a fee for spending time; I want you to pay my fee for the value you get.  Here is my philosophy on Value Pricing.

Consulting Credentials

As an Associate Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management, with graduate qualifications and long experience in management and consulting, I’m well qualified to help you out.  I’ve worked with major corporates and family companies.  Check my profile on LinkedIn for details.

I’m based in Western Australia’s beautiful South-West, home of so many dynamic businesses.  Bunbury, Albany, Margaret River and all points in between.  I can be in Perth or elsewhere whenever necessary.

Can I help you?  Will we work well together?  Get in touch, let’s have that conversation and find out.

Clients Say…

“Iain is an absolute pleasure to work with, as he is not only professional, responsible and efficient, but also very friendly and personable.”
Celina A., Client Representative
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