Head Heart and Bottom Line

Upland Consulting: head heart and bottom line - black & white image of columns and shadowsThat’s my (trademarked) motto.

When I started Upland Consulting, I did a lot of digging deep into what kind of business I really care about, and what kind of clients I most want to work with.  “Head heart and bottom line” sums up the answer.  I wanted my business, and my clients’ businesses, to be driven by purpose.  I wanted to engage with the emotions, values and relationships that ultimately make up our real reasons for going into business.

Business can call out the best in us, but too often our human potential is wasted.  To build businesses worthy of the commitment, creativity and teamwork that we ask of ourselves and others, we need all our resources as human beings.  Our businesses need our brains, but they also need our humanity.

We need to engage knowledge, thought and intuition as never before. We need to honour the emotions, the personal interactions and the human values that form the core of our work together. And we need lifelong learning of head and heart.

And if we don’t hold ourselves to a rigorous standard of financial performance, we are not really in business.

So: Head Heart and bottom line®.

That’s what it takes to truly succeed in business.  This is my vocation; I do this work because I deeply believe that we, and our businesses, deserve our whole selves.  If we work together, I’ll bring these values to my work with you and your team.

Can I Help You?

I’m a business advisor, director and manager.  I excel in people and communication skills, diplomacy, negotiation, strategic perspective, and thinking both creative and analytical.  You can check my track record and references on LinkedIn.  My work involves helping boards of directors with their work (I’m the Board Bloke™), and and I also work with the owners of small and family businesses.  Through both group and individual mentoring programs, I can be your advisor, sounding-board, coach, mentor, check captain.  We can structure that however works best for all concerned.  Practising and teaching mindfulness meditation is part of my work; it deepens our sense of purpose and can improve our results.

I love to see businesses and their leaders grow, succeed and excel themselves. Can I help you in this? Will we work well together? Contact me, let’s have that conversation and we’ll find out.

You can see how I work, get insights and practices, and access other resources at the Resources page.

Clients Say…

“Loved the slogan/point of difference: Head Heart and Bottom Line. Passionate and a good listener.”
Christin Svard
“Thanks Iain. This session has created the collaboration and discussion we needed…”
John Williams
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