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Government Services, Upland Consulting. Photo of Piano Keys - Black and WhiteGovernment Administration is Hard!

The community expects government to be more and more businesslike.  The use of public monies requires ever more accountability and attracts ever more scrutiny.  The public rightly expects a high standard of rigour and probity in dealings with its hard-earned money.

We expect capital investment in social or physical infrastructure to be backed by rigorous business case and feasibility work.  We expect conscientious capital stewardship and diligent project management.  We expect proof that promised benefits have been realised.  And we expect projects to deliver on time and budget.

And of course we expect this to be done under ever-tighter constraints of staffing and time!

I Can Help

As a businessman and business consultant of long standing, I find that government agencies at all levels find it useful to apply my skills and knowledge to their issues.

Examples include:

  • Business case development and analysis;
  • Financial feasibilities and projections;
  • Business plans and proposals;
  • Modelling and budgeting;
  • Project planning and management;
  • Governance reviews;
  • Project and expenditure reviews.


I have worked on a large number of government projects, and understand well the requirements and constraints of procurement and contractor management that apply.


Successful projects have included:

  • Business cases and funding rationale for infrastructure and social projects;
  • Feasibility studies and background research for social and recreational initiatives;
  • Project planning;
  • Broad-scale telecommunications usage and expenditure analysis;
  • Large-scale tourism feasibility study;
  • Intranet content – research and write;
  • Information management architecture.

Contact me for background, experience and skills.

“Upland Consulting provided a friendly and efficient service. Added to this, the end product was on time, on budget and included the rare combination of being practical and innovative.”
Bob W., Local Government
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