Not a Pivot, More an Extension

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Not a Pivot, More an Extension

Upland Consulting: “The Business Growth Specialist”

This blog has been long in the making, although in the end not so hard to write.  I’ve been silent for a few months because I’ve been preparing the ground for re-positioning Upland Consulting.  This is the segue blog post.

You may know me as the Board Bloke.  I love board work, and I love helping boards do their work better.  That hasn’t changed.  Upland Consulting still works with boards, and I’m still open to the right board opportunities.

But after a lot of thought, and discussion with my mentors, I’m broadening Upland’s focus.  I’m doing so to meet the market, and to address needs that I see in front of me almost daily.

The Need

One sleepless 3am, I realised with certainty that something had to change.  Too many of the business owners I was speaking to were way off readiness for a board, or even an advisory board.  The challenge for most of these good people was to achieve growth – not necessarily world domination, but maybe enough to get their weekends back, to have a hope of finding a buyer, to employ a helper, or to have something viable to hand on to the next generation.

I checked the Australian Bureau of Statistics web site.  It turns out that almost 2/3 of businesses in the South West, where I live and work and love to be, employ no-one but their owner.  Less than a fifth of them employ more than four people.

With the help of advisors and mentors, and by digging deep into what I care most about, I’ve found a way to take what I know, and offer the benefits to businesses much too small for a board.  By means of research, discussion, and testing my ideas, I found there was no immovable reason that small and medium businesses could not make use of the same thinking, and the same tools, as larger companies use for growth.

In fact, the number one secret to successful, profitable business growth is this: don’t try to do it all on your own.  Like successful people in sport, the arts, politics or anywhere else, successful business people have a support team.  That includes a safe and confidential sounding-board for their ideas, dreams and fears, where they know they will get a supportive hearing, an honest response, and relevant feedback.

Meeting the Need

So now Upland Consulting offers a continuum of support for business owners, from the smallest to those who have, or need, a board of directors.  The unifying themes are business growth, and structured, human-to-human support for owners seeking growth.  Or more concisely: Head, Heart and Bottom Line!

The program I’m working on intensively now is “Peer Magic”.  It’s a facilitated peer advisory circle that takes the best of other models, and makes the benefits accessible and relevant to even the smallest businesses.  It provides a safe space for each participant to tap into the collective wisdom of the group.  It’s proving its worth in spades – we’re seeing real growth in participants’ businesses.

I also have a one-on-one mentoring program, if that suits you better.  And of course, help with advisory boards and formal boards as you move up the scale.

More info?  Call me or flick me an email.

Clients Say…

“Iain at Upland Consulting specialises in business growth. Through working with him I have developed more clarity regarding why I do my work at Horse Vision, where to go next with it and what the needs of my clients are.”Chris Scott, Business Owner


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