What’s a Board Charter?

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Board Charter: What and Why A board charter is one of the most useful governance documents you can have.  The constitution of your company or organisation should bring the board into existence, and give it authority to govern.  Often, it also sets out how the board is appointed and gives it size limits.  There may […]

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A Board is a Means to an End

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Why Have a Board of Directors? Here’s one fact we really should not lose sight of: a board is simply a means to an end.  This applies to a formal board (directors registered with ASIC, carrying the full director responsibilities), and equally to an advisory board.  A board that forgets this has lost the plot. […]

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Board Diversity: What, Why and How

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What is Board Diversity? Board diversity has had a lot of press lately.  Mostly it’s been about the encouraging fact that the number of women on listed company boards is at last registering on the gauge. I rejoice in this, and I congratulate those women, but seriously: this is barely scratching the surface. Why does […]

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Not-For-Profit Governance

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Is Not-for-Profit Governance Different? Not-for-profit (better, for-purpose) organisations add up to big business.  In Australia, it is reckoned the sector turns over more than $100 billion a year (that’s a B), and employs nearly one million people.  That’s eight percent of the workforce, and we know it’s only the tip of the iceberg because so […]

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Sixty Seconds on Insolvent Trading

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Here’s a paraphrase of another sixty-second presentation (I’ve published a previous one on the 5.5 core board tasks). I had sixty seconds to introduce my work to a breakfast discussion group, and I chose to focus on one topic: insolvent trading.  A big, hairy, scary topic, that some people fear even to mention in case […]

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The 5.5 Core Board Tasks

Written by on January 17, 2014 in Board Effectiveness, Board Role and Duties, Governance with 3 Comments

What’s the Job of the Board of Directors? I’ve written here about the basics of a board’s job.  In a quick summary, just what are the most important board tasks? At a recent event, I had 60 seconds to introduce this topic.  So I listed the 5.5 things a board should give its time and […]

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