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Upland Consulting - Board of Directors - Black and white pen and glasses on tableYour Board Should Add Value at Every Meeting!

The boardroom is a workplace like no other.

Far too many boards are unclear about their role and how to fill it. Directors waste precious time floundering, gridlocked in conflict, or trying to second-guess management. They are not contributing well to the business.  They may not be doing justice to their fiduciary duty.

Balancing collective responsibility with individual best judgement takes skill and courage. The buck really does stop with the board of directors. A company can soar, coast or even sink on the quality of its board’s work.

It’s a big job, a big responsibility, and it takes different skills from being a good manager or good professional.  A board needs clear purpose, structure, process, skills and sound advice to do its job properly.

That’s why I love this work!

A Board’s Core Business

Governance is a board’s core business, coupled with strategy and risk oversight. Done well, these build a company’s resilience. Good boards provide stability without rigidity, prudence without timidity, sharp focus without tunnel vision, and vision without recklessness.

Governance is not just compliance, strategy is not just a budget or a sales goal, and risk management is not just risk avoidance.  A good board is a think tank where the uncomfortable questions are faced honestly.

Good boards also monitor and improve their own performance.  The average Australian board meets for less than 60 hours a year, and that leaves no time to waste.

What Can We Learn?

For all the challenges, a century and a half of closely-watched experience has shown that the board of directors is the best way to lead governance and strategy. Some companies without good boards have succeeded, but often only for a while. Very few companies with good boards have failed. Good boards include independent directors, whose perspective is valued as an antidote to short-termism and groupthink.

The long-term match between sound governance and business success is well documented. Recent research into new Australian listed companies shows a strong correlation between governance and the firms’ very survival.  Your business, whatever stage it’s at, needs maximum value out of its board.

Your Board of Directors – Adding Value?

Think well about who should be on your board, and why.  You can’t afford a board of directors that’s not adding value at every single meeting.

Why Iain Massey?

I’m a graduate member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, with board, chairman and advisory experience. Board core business is my core business.

You can learn more about the importance of independent board advice here.

I can add value to every dimension of your board’s work.  Will we work well together?  Contact me, and let’s have that conversation and find out.


Here’s more on how I may be able to help your Board: Board Advice. Click below to download the Upland brochure “For Boards” – it’s a trifold, so you’ll need to print it double-sided and do the origami to get the full effect!

And here are some of my blog articles on boards and how they can be more effective:

If you or your business are not yet board-ready (I can help you with that assessment), there are still ways to get the benefits of good board work.  Check these:

Clients Say…


“Iain’s assistance was invaluable in improving our corporate governance policies and procedures. He took the time to understand the business, was responsive to our needs and a pleasure to work with. I would have no hesitation in recommending Iain and Upland Consulting.”
Sharna Kearney, CEO
“Iain brought a new dimension to our company. Lifting our board performance away from the coal face with his knowledge of corporate governance, management skills, and systems development whilst maintaining a strategic 40 paces view. Iain has a very valuable skill set that can assist you out of the box.”
Rod Hedderwick, Executive Chairman
“If you are starting up a new business involving a board of directors, a directors’ workshop run by Iain is vital and will be money well spent.”Dr Kin Lee, Chairman
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