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Is your Board of directors using it wisely?

Every Board needs access to independent advice, to do its work well.  Management or the CEO should not be the only input of board advice, or how is the board of directors to do its job of managing the chief executive?  Good governance starts with board independence, and independent thinking.  And a vital responsibility of the board is to pressure-test the projections, proposals and underlying assumptions of the CEO and management.  So a fresh outside perspective can easily make the difference between seeing or not seeing a crucial opportunity, or a dangerous flaw.  A board must stay ahead of an ever-changing game.

Here are three critical points where independent advice to the board can be of game-changing value: board self-evaluation, board succession and recruiting, and formulating strategy.

Board Performance

Honest assessment and diligent improvement of director and board performance is another core board responsibility.  Yet how many boards go on lifting their game, and their value to the company, year by year?  Often an outside “honest broker” can get through the obstructions that prevent a board facing this issue squarely, and get a regular, frank self-evaluation started.

I can help your board understand and improve its own performance.

Succession and Recruiting

Recruiting a director, or appointing a chair, is a huge, critical and difficult commitment.  Nothing here is foolproof, but you want the best assurance you can get that the appointment will work.  Mistakes here can range from embarrassing to disastrous.  Outside board advice, a fresh set of eyes on the proposals, a fresh but experienced perspective on the process, can greatly reduce the risk.

I can help your board formulate its appointments strategy and process, and then help implement.  And the next step of course is good induction or “on-boarding”.


A company turnaround, a rescue from disaster, or a change of strategic direction, calls for skills that boards do not always possess.  Independent board advice can make a critical difference.  An external change agent, facilitator and guide can make all the difference when it comes to saving or revitalising the company.

I can help your board develop strategy, risk management, and crisis response.  I can help directors clarify their duties and responsibilities in challenging times.

Board Advice: Why Upland Consulting?

I am a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and an experienced director and executive.  I know corporate governance, strategy, risk management, Board evaluation, and Board performance.  With chairman experience myself, I can work closely with your chairman to improve the management of Board business.  I have particular expertise in governance of IT, where there are huge unmanaged risks and strategy disconnects in many businesses.

Your company needs maximum value from its board.  Independent board advice is an essential ingredient.  Can I help you?  Will we work well together?  Contact me, let’s have that conversation and find out.


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Clients Say…

“Iain brought a new dimension to our company. Lifting our board performance away from the coal face with his knowledge of corporate governance, management skills, and systems development, whilst maintaining a strategic 40 paces view. Iain has a very valuable skill set that can assist you out of the box.”
Rod Hedderwick, Executive Chairman
“Thanks Iain. This session has created the collaboration and discussion we needed…”
John Williams, Director
“Good to sit down with both board and senior staff to explore and air concerns… Facilitation was excellent.”
Jenny S., Director
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