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How do small-to-medium (SME) business owners get access to the thinking, tools and resources for business growth that larger companies have?  If you’re still too small for a board of directors (or even an advisory board), how do you take advantage of that independent, 40-paces view of your business?  How do you grow your business to support the lifestyle you dreamed of when you started?

Peer Magic® is the Upland Consulting answer.  It’s a structured, facilitated circle of SME business owners who provide each other exactly that support and advice.  It’s based on research and models from around the world, and it gets proven results.  By design, it’s accessible and relevant to small businesses, even microbusinesses and startups.

For You, a Business Owner

Small business is the lifeblood of our economy.  A business should grow wealth and lifestyle for you and your family.  But too many small business owners tell me in confidence that they are frustrated, disappointed, frazzled, worried, time-poor, confused.

One sleepless 3am, I realised that there has to be a way for small businesses, even the smallest, to tap into the tools and thinking that large businesses use for growth.  What if the benefits of a good board of directors were available to SME owners?  Why shouldn’t they be?  As I researched this, Peer Magic® took shape.

What if You Could…

  • Build a lifestyle you love around a business you love?
  • Pause the treadmill & have time to think?
  • Feel less isolated in your business?
  • Sustainably grow your business with confidence?
  • See and evaluate results?

… in a way that’s relevant, accessible and cost-effective for your business?  Well, that’s what Peer Magic® is designed for.


  • Help to grow your business – with the magic of a like-minded peer circle
  • A safe space: confidential & supportive, with honest feedback
  • One-on-one mentoring included
  • Structured problem-solving by the group
  • Professionally chaired, outcome-focussed, accountability back to the group
  • Evidence-based: built on international research into small business growth.

Sound promising?  Get in touch for more info:


Here’s an Upland Insights blog on Peer Magic: The Story So Far.

Here’s an interview I did with Barry Green of Western Tourist Radio, about Peer Magic®.

Clients Say…

“I have worked with Iain for the last 6 months through his Peer Magic programme. His business knowledge is first class and I look forward to working with him into the future. Highly recommended.”
Suzie Davidson, Business Owner
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